Our special education journey in Texas

When we first moved to Texas about four years ago, I searched for a good school district for my kids. Like most parents I relied on online rankings and word-of-mouth to find what I perceived to be a very good school district and a great primary school for my children based on all conventional norms. However, a great school for a neuro-typical child may not be appropriate for children with special needs. In fact, in our case, the school did not suit my younger child. Despite the best efforts of the school and the administrators, the school was not able to address his educational needs. After two years with the school district and numerous ARD meetings we eventually decided to enroll him in a private school better suited to his requirements. However, I really wanted to find a way to identify public schools across Texas that did a good job of providing special education services as part of their normal operations. After a lot of digging and data analysis I was able to determine a path forward.

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